Preventing Childhood Bullying

Preventing Childhood Bullying

Childhood bullying is an endemic problem with over 2 million students nationally reporting that they have experienced bullying with one in five kids’ experiencing bullying weekly. Three out of every five kids have experienced bullying to some degree. 80% of children reported that bullying is a problem at their school and 20% said it is an extremely or very serious problem.

After receiving many calls and emails from concerned parents and teachers, I developed a webinar about how we can help our kids manage bullying and what we can do to help stop bullying behaviour.


In this helpful 60 minute webinar you will learn:

  • Practical tools and useful skills to identify bullying
  • Actionable strategies you can use to help your child if they have been bullied
  • Actions you can take if your child is bullying others
  • Small changes you can make to your parenting practices that will enable you to prevent bullying.


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