Thank you for deciding to take some time out and join my next live session


Building Resilient Kids in Tough Times

I’m not going to wax lyrical about whether or not this will change your life because I actually don’t know if it will!


What I do know is I’m pretty damn good at giving you loads of practical tools and strategies to help build children’s resilience and I am looking forward to hanging out with you soon : )


Keep an eye on your inbox for your confirmation and your login details closer to the event, but if you want to know more right now keep scrolling …


Can’t wait to see you soon, Kari x


  • Block out 7.00pm – 8.30pm AEST September 3, 2020 NOW (A calendar link will be in your confirmation email)


  • Let me know if you haven’t seen the log-in details by September 1 (check spam folders)


  • Get clear on why you are joining us and what you really want to be able to walk away from the session with


How Will We Host It?

We will be hosting all sessions via Zoom Webinar. I will be LIVE throughout the training – it is not simply a recorded webinar – and there will be a co-host making sure we capture everyone’s questions


I can’t make that time – will you record it?

Yes, yes and yes : ). We will send you an email September 4 with a link to the recording; this will be password protected giving you 72 hours access….and then I have to confess it will disappear into the ether


What time will we start and finish?

Kind of self-explanatory : ). But it is a great idea to be logged in approximately 5 minutes ahead of time in case you have any challenges. Please note if you have any challenges once we get to 7.00pm I won’t be available on any device, my tech team may all be on ZOOM and we may not be able to assist with any problems accessing the webinar


What should I bring?

This is a quaint reminder of a time before now when we gathered in real rooms in beautiful venues to do these things…bring your favourite tea or coffee, pour a glass of wine, slip into your pyjamas if you wish, switch off extra devices, close down the socials, chill on the floor – whatever and however makes you most comfortable.


I have another question. Can you help me?

Sure, feel free to email me at to reach out to me directly