Parenting is Hard Work.

In times gone by many families lived nearby one another for their entire lives, and readily helped each other in raising children. For some, that may still be the case, but for many of us, we’re now on our own and it can be very overwhelming at times. Sometimes you just want someone who has a neutral perspective and will listen to you in a non-judgmental way.


I dedicate some of my time to working personally with a handful of private clients. During these consultations, the focus is on making sense of specific concerns regarding your child’s social and emotional wellbeing and behaviour. I listen to your worries, answer your questions and offer developmental insight into what is potentially happening for your child. Based on our discussion, I will provide you with strategies to help you address your concerns and support your child’s healthy emotional development.


I have an educational background in child psychology, child development, positive psychology and developmental cognitive neuroscience. I also have a Master’s in Early Childhood Education and a Master’s in Guidance and Counselling.

Consultation Sessions

When I am consulting with parents, or other family members, I invite them to share the challenges they are currently confronting with their children. Through our discussion, we identify what could be going on for your child through the lens of child development and developmental cognitive neuroscience. My role is NOT one of a therapeutic counsellor.

I provide insights and education with regards to children’s development and help you find strategies that suit your child’s unique developmental needs and best support their social and emotional wellbeing. I help parents navigate their way through everyday parenting concerns.


Through my consultation sessions I equip parents, and other family members, with the skills, strategies and insights they need to feel empowered and confident as they manage the everyday stressors with their children. I provide advice about implementing the best practices for your child’s emotional wellbeing grounded in the most current research in positive psychology, child development and developmental cognitive neuroscience.

Diverse Needs Consultation Sessions

There are many complexities when you are parenting a child with invisible diverse needs, whether it be ADHD, Anxiety, Asperger’s, Sensory Processing Disorders or Learning Disabilities and frequently you can feel isolated, overwhelmed and judged by both family and friends – no one told you it would be this way. I can help you on this journey as you navigate the minefield of getting a diagnosis, medication, finding the right school, starting school, dealing with issues that have arisen at school, and transitioning from primary to secondary school or out into the workforce.


I have been supporting families like yours for the past 15 years and can support you in moving through these obstacles so you feel empowered and confident.

Who can attend a consultation session?

While I have referred to these as ‘parent’ consultation sessions participants can include any significant adult in your child’s life. This could include a parent, step-parent, foster parent, grandparent, nanny, aunt/ uncle, teacher, as the focus will be on supporting your unique child to become the best person they can be, children DO NOT attend consultation sessions.

How long is a consultation?

The initial consultations are 90 minutes and subsequent sessions are 60 minutes. They are conducted via Zoom or Skype, so we can have a virtual face to face meeting.

Do I need to prepare for a consultation?

Many families I work with find it useful to note questions or concerns prior to our session together so we can get the most out of the time.

How do I make an appointment?

To check Kari’s availability, or book a consultation just use our contact form.


Doing everything you can to support your child who is struggling with behavioural or social emotional difficulties will benefit their long-term mental health, resilience, self-esteem and self-confidence and is something you won’t ever regret.