Kari Sutton

Kari Sutton is a researcher, educator, writer and keynote speaker. She is the author of Raising Generation XXL and Raising a Mentally Fit Generation coming out in late 2020. Kari’s articles, videos and webinars on topics such as mental fitness, resilience, happiness and guiding children’s behaviour are eagerly anticipated by both her clients and followers on social media.


Kari has worked with over 25,000 children, parents, educators and other adults who care for kids, helping them equip children and young people with the skills they need to successfully navigate today’s complex and rapidly changing world. After meeting the founder of Positive Psychology, Dr Martin Seligman, Kari began implementing this new science into her work as a teacher and Guidance Counsellor. She did so, not realising how life-changing it would be – for both her and her students.


Having embedded the learning into her life and work, Kari now shares her insights and strategies on how to future proof our kids, so they are mentally fit and able to bounce back from adversity.

Professional Bio

Kari Sutton


M. Ed. Guidance and Counselling


M. Ed. Early Childhood Education


B. Ed. Early Childhood Education


Diploma Teaching Early Childhood


Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing


Graduate Certificate Inclusive Education

More About Kari

Kari’s research, writing, speaking and consulting work reflect her expertise in early childhood development, positive psychology, early childhood education and developmental cognitive neuroscience.


Kari is driven to change the conversation about how we promote good mental health in children. She wants to help turn around the alarming statistics about depression, anxiety disorders, and suicide affecting an entire generation.


Kari spends her time raising awareness about how adults can improve children’s mental fitness and resilience by speaking at conferences, workshops and public forums as well as through her blogs, articles, books and book chapters, and her white papers. She provides proven, real world, practical strategies that parents, and other adults who care for kids, can immediately implement to plant the seeds of resilience, emotional wellbeing and positive mental health.