Generation at Risk

Generation at Risk

I wanted to alert you to the fact that the topic of today’s post may be a little confronting, but it something I am incredibly passionate about. 

There has been another life lost to suicide this week, similarly we lost Dolly Everett this time last year. Suicide is the leading cause of death in young Australians aged between five and seventeen. Poor mental health is a serious issue that is having a devastating toll on our society. 

Suicide is an incredibly complex issue and I do not claim to be able to prevent it. What I do believe though, is that as adults who care for the kids in our lives, we can teach them habits that promote positive mental health. If we embed these messages in a variety of contexts – in our homes, at school, on sports teams, this will help the habits that create positive mental health to become as natural for kids as putting on sunscreen, doing up their seat belt or brushing their teeth. 

We can all support the kids we care about, and are connected to, have positive mental health outcomes now and later in life.


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