As we navigate through our fast paced world we are busier than ever with work, life and family commitments. We have rushed conversations with colleagues, quick catch ups with friends and are often like ships passing in the night with the people closest to us.

The increasingly rapid pace of workplaces has decreased the opportunity for colleagues to really connect. Work also obtrusively pierces our private lives as we monitor and respond to emails and calls hoping friends and family won’t notice our divided attention.

I often speak with people who feel they don’t have the time, space or mental energy to tend the connections that matter most in their lives. Whether that be connecting with other people, their pets, their garden, nature – whatever it is that nurtures their spirit and feeds their soul.

Research over the past 15 years has shown that relationships are the cornerstone of our psychological health and wellbeing. Investing time in building and nurturing these connections enriches our lives and supports us through tough times.

Today is R U OK Day https://www.ruok.org.au – an Australian initiative that encourages us to meaningfully connect with those around us in order to strengthen our sense of belonging and support those who are currently struggling with life. This years theme is ‘What happens when you reconnect?‘ inspiring those of us who have lost touch to reach out and reconnect with the people we care about as you never know how meaningful that re-connection can be.

In the classic words of Jon Stevens and Noiseworks ‘reach out and touch somebody‘ to let them know you care.

Life is short make time to connect.


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